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How To Block website from chrome

How To Block website from chrome

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions To Block website Form Chrome

Blocking a website with the Help of Chrome the Famous Browser. Over the past few years Firefox has been rising in market share in the Internet browser market due to its speed and support for extensions, but that tide may well be about to change. Google this week announced that user-installed Chrome extensions will now be fully supported – meaning that Google Chrome presents the strongest competition ever to Firefox.

Although there haven’t been many released yet, here are the top 10 Google Chrome extensions: To Block website from chrome



 – If you are tired of seeing ads while you are browsing the web, then this chrome extension is perfect. Block ads and reduce both clutter and load time while you surf.

AdBlock Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions To    Block website Form Chrome

2IE Tab 

– For those websites living in the past, IE Tab allows you to open an Internet Explorer-rendered page within Google Chrome, meaning you don’t have to re-open a new browser.

IE Tab Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions To    Block website Form Chrome
IE Tab

3Google Mail Checker

 – A small Chrome extension to display the number of items in your Gmail inbox. A handy tool to reduce the number of visits you make to the Gmail website.

Block website Form Chrome
Google Mail Checker

4Chromed Bird

 – A fantastic little Twitter account inside your Google browser – this chrome extension allows you to keep up to date with your timeline.

Block website from chrome
Chromed Bird

5Google Similar Pages (beta) 

– Following a similar concept to StumbleUpon, Similar Pages allows you to view similar pages to the one you a currently browsing.

chrome Extension to block Website
 Google Similar Pages (beta)

6Facebook for Google Chrome

 This unofficial Facebook extension allows you to view your feed, wall and update your status without having to visit the Facebook website.

website Blocker
Facebook for Google Chrome 

7. FlashBlock 

This Google Chrome extension allows you to block flash on websites. You can block all-flash, be selective or setup an embedded white list.

Block site With extension

8TooManyTabs – Tabs are obviously a big part in the Chrome browsing experience, and this extension lets you manage all of your tabs when you have one too many open.

Block website from chrome

9. Wikipedia Chromium Edition

 – A Wikipedia extension that allows you to quickly search the encyclopedia in seconds, allowing you to have all of the information at your fingertips.


A social extension that allows you to ‘snip’ everything from pictures and videos to web pages. You can share all of your findings on Twitter, Facebook and more.

So there you have it. The Top 10 Google Chrome extensions that are currently available. As support for extensions hasn’t been available for very long, this list will probably become outdated as time goes on – so grab them while they’re hot! Obviously the above list contains a broad range of plugins that are mostly to do with day-to-day browsing. There are many great ones available that are specific to certain areas, such as ‘FireBug Lite’ for web development/design, ‘Amazon Deals’ for shoppers and ‘Slideshow’ for photographers.

Time will tell if Google succeeds in prevailing over Mozilla in the browser wars, but it is certainly looking like Firefox has got a strong competitor. One good thing about the release of extended support for Google Chrome is the (hopefully) soon demise of Internet Explorer users.

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